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Teachers Assistant

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The Educator's Reference Desk

American site which is very good, however, navigation can be tricky.


Australasian Cochrane Centre


Children, Youth and Women's Health Service


Children's Hospital, Westmead


Chronic Illness Alliance This is a wonderful site dealling with chronic illness and schools. Some of the issues dealt with on this site are: Acquired brain injury, Asthma, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Haemophilia, Epilepsy etc


Ed Research Online Ed Research Online database contains over 6000 online articles form leading educational journals.


Early Childhood Australia Inc

Good site which includes all the different states and has lots of information regarding their mission and vision.


Lady Gowrie A Tasmanian site that discusses the provision of, quality programs for children, families and early childhood professionals.


Australian Curriculum Studies Association A very good site with numerous links to early childhood education.


Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs


Kinderstart American site, excellent links to numerous other sites dealing with topics such as eating disorders, bedwetting, toilet training and so on.


Reggio Emilia Part of the Educational Resources Information Centre (ERIC) website which has many useful links to articles on this topic.



Nicenet’s internet classroom assistant allows virtually any classroom even those with modest resources


Primary English Teaching Association


Paradigm online writing assistant This is free online guide to writing and explaining different styles of writing to students. This is also a good resource for writing ideas


School Express Free lesson plans, worksheets, online maths and general resources for teachers.


You've Got What?


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