Occupational Health and Safety

Academy of Safety Education and Training


Public Sector Safety


Safetyline For occupational health and safety leglisation material


Workcover For material relating to workers compensation from workcover Western Australia


Worksafe Australia Provides information and advice on safety and health related issues or problems.




Occupational Safety and Health in the Public Sector


All about Safety This is a general site dealing with all aspects of safety and provides a lot of information and resource materials.


Australian Safety and Compensation Council


Australian Legal Information Institute Provides free internet access to Australian legal materials concerning OSH.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency


Ergonomics in Australia e.g. strain risk assessment, workstation assessments, office training, and expert advice.


U.S Department of Labor


NSCA – National safety council of Australia


Safety Institute of Australia


United States National Library of Medicine – includes Medline


American Ergonomics Site


HealthWeb American site with lots of general health information, that includes a section on nursing.