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Australian Curriculum Studies Association


Australasian Cochrane Centre


The Baby Directory A UK site with information relating to children’s health, including breastfeeding and many childhood diseases. The encyclopaedia of pregnancy is also especially helpful.


Early Childhood Australia Inc


Ngala Early Parenting Centre 


Resource Unit for Children with Special Needs


Kinderstart American site, excellent links to numerous other sites dealing with topics such as eating disorders, bedwetting, toilet training and so on.


Gowrie WA Provider of Childcare services, training and support services


Reggio Emilia Part of the Educational Resources Information Centre (ERIC) website which has many useful links to articles on this topic.


School Express Free lesson plans, worksheets, online maths and general resources for teachers.


You've Got What? Website about notifiable and infectious diseases in children and adults.


Department for Communities  Child Care Children and Youth Family and Domestic Violence 

Multicultural Interests Parenting Seniors Interests Training - CSTC Volunteering Women


Department for Child Protection AdoptionChild protection – children at riskChildren and young people in careTraining - CSTCWorking with Children checks